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I installed veracrypt on some of my PinePhones. There are no pre-compiled binaries for aarch64. Installation is from source. The process is simple and mostly follows the instructions on git . This has been tested on Manjaro Phosh and Arm Arch Linux. I compiled it as a cli only application. If you omit the NOGUI=1 it will compile the version with both cli/gui. It takes much longer to compile and the interface is not optimized for a mobile device. Install the required packages sudo pacman -S fuse2 yasm cppunit pkg-config Download the source for wxWidgets . The current stable is v3.0.5. wget Extract and move to /usr/src tar -xf wxWidgets-3.0.5.tar.bz2 sudo mv wxWidgets-3.0.5 /usr/src/ Download the current stable veracrypt source wget Extract the files and change to the src directory tar -xf VeraCrypt_1.24-Update7.t